Fuelling Our Careers+

Fuelling Our Careers+

Hello Friends,

Well, here we are... September's coming to an end, greeting autumn with swirling leaves, shorter days and cooler nights. As those of you who've been following my summer transition know, I have now moved into my new inner city digs. I cannot believe how much I love this new home and neighbourhood! I'm still in my honeymoon phase, but I do feel inspired and happy here. The weight I'd been carrying has lifted: I hadn't even realized how heavy it was!

I just read a quote about laziness... that laziness is a sign that your body and mind need a break. Work-wise, I've been slacking a little... I realize now that I needed the break from zoom meetings and screen time. The artists I work with have been wonderfully understanding. We've all benefited from the summer slow-down.

But now, it's time to shift gears and I'm ready for it. FUEL is my focus this month! Fuel is, something that gives nourishment, an energy source or something that sustains or encourages. What fuels your career? Your creativity? Your well-being?



For some of you, it's grant-writing season! We have Canada Council for the Arts' Explore and Create funding application deadline coming up Oct 6 2021. Provincial art councils and music trade programs are usually open at this time as is the FACTOR Artist Development Program.

For anyone who wants some support in the last push of grant-writing, I'll be available Saturday, Oct 2nd, from 3pm to 6pm central if you have any questions, are feeling stuck or want a quick review of what you're working on. You can join the Grant-writing Marathon here! I'll be working on my own and will keep the window open. Just whistle or say hello so that I look up and see you!



As you shift to output mode, with (I hope!) shows and touring restarting, don't forget to leave a little room for idle wandering. Harley's got me walking three or four times a day, and I've rediscovered the joy - and inspiration - that comes from an unexpected turn or new vista. I'm also enjoying the informal chats with strangers that come naturally when you walk a three-legged dog! This part of town welcomes a broad range of characters - from well-heeled lawyers to skater teens, from coffee-toting hipsters to the blue-collar workers... they greet me with a smile and often enough, with a story, as they give Harley a hug. I even bumped into Ed Durocher from Apollo Suns who had me over for coffee, shared with four generations on the porch... 

After months of wariness and weariness, these micro-social-connections have been invigorating! I know I have a lot of work waiting for me, but these short breaks are fuel too, for a sustainable way of moving forward.

I would love to hear from you about what is fuelling your return to the road, the recording studio or to human relationships! Feel free to comment, or send along a message or photo. :-)

In the meantime, here are a couple of shots of my walks with Harley!
xo Nat


 (Who'd have guessed Winnipeg's downtown would hide such pockets of beauty?!)

Nathalie Kleinschmit

Article by Nathalie Kleinschmit

Published 27 Sep 2021