The Start of Something New...

The Start of Something New...

Dear Friends,

I just clicked on the wrong key and lost an hour of writing... Yikes. 🤯 This doesn't happen too often (I know, I know... save your drafts!) 🙄 And I'd usually start again. 🥺

But tonight, it's late. And I'm going to concede defeat... Or rather, leave this in your hands. 🙏🏽

Please - let's write this together!

September's here - it's a chance for new beginnings after a pretty tumultuous summer.

What are looking forward to? What is inspiring you right now?
What are some of the things (objects, ideas, people, sayings, songs...) you're going to hold on to for strength in the days ahead?

Drop those in a comment or reply and we'll see what we can up with to inspire each other!

And of course, there'll be a chance to discuss this during this week's Hang.

I'll leave you with two songs that I go back to for inspiration. They're by the artists I work with and who were both on stages on Saturday in front of double-vaxxed audiences, celebrating the connection music brings. 🙌🏼

Carsie Blanton's song Buck Up, from her previous album, still resonates with me today:

Kelly Bado's song Nouveau Départ, from her most recent album, is all about getting up and trying again, even when you've fallen a few times... new beginnings.

xo Nat


Nathalie Kleinschmit

Article by Nathalie Kleinschmit

Published 31 Aug 2021