Fan-Centric Strategy for Growth

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Fan-Centric Strategy for Growth

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Many artists build their career plan according to a project cycle, with a traditional recording release and associated tours. And for some, that works well...

For others, the incessant change in the sector has called them to question the very nature of how they should be building sustainable careers. They seek alternative approaches.

During this webinar, we looked at what a Fan-Centric Strategy for Growth means. We looked at different ways artists can engage with a modern fan-club that sustains them.

Thanks to the artists who participated for their questions and comments, which you'll also be able to hear. 🧡

This recording is an edited version of the Zoom webinar, with a few quirks caused by the early compressed files. The sound should be good, but the video of me is, at times, quite distorted! 🙄
Finally, you'll see that I've included the Webinar Presentation.

If you have any feedback or questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me at [email protected]

Thanks & Enjoy!

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Nathalie Kleinschmit

Nathalie Kleinschmit

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